The people who regularly complain saying “Savota!”(We voted) do so with every election cycle. The notion of Once Beaten Twice Shy seems alien to them. The whole point of a democracy I believe is that of weighing your options and do so freely. But noooooo!
If one votes for a particular party(and in the context of South Africa let’s say the Anc) and twenty years later you feel the Anc has done bugger all for you then how indeed are you not suffering from the abused spouse syndrome? Is it a matter of better the devil you know that the one you don’t?
People must just sit down batye into abayiphekileyo qha qwaba!
There’s currently an outcry about some woman who mooned the police or something like that during a service delivery protest(who coins these terms?) and my question is how can people whose daily lives is a far cry from the dignity envisaged by our constitution be expected to behave in a dignified manner? The system creates it’s monsters and daily they creep out of the woodwork.
Now that I am full time rural I have been thinking about the state of rural South Africa.
Rural folk pay tax like everybody else and yet we are recipients of bread crumbs from the urban master’s table. We basically rely on hand me downs as it were.
I had a good laugh in the loo today thinking how insane it is that each day in the loo I’m faced with other people’s shit and they with mine. It aint going nowhere, it just piles up in the pit until some chemical half heartedly attempts to dissolve it. Not everybody can afford said chemical.
People will continue to flock to the cities because in the cities government’s ears are closer to the people there. Some would find this last statement laughable though considering their daily struggles in those urban areas.
Why are rural schools the way they are in 2014? Isn’t there one Department of Education? The cheek to even categorize schools into different quantiles indicates to me that government realizes there are haves and haves not in schools and rather than developing those schools but making certain schools No Fee Paying schools and feeding those children with Thokoza rice and Tau mielie meal does little to bridge the gap. Ever so grateful for small mercies.
I am happy to see the number of clinics in rural Eastern Cape is on the rise but alas not an ambulance in sight, beside the ambulance would need a decent road to be effective.
Eastern Cape is dotted with what I call EC White Elephants, completely useless structures in a neglected state. These are usually craft stalls, cultural villages of sorts or what I call Niggas On Display Sites, failed projects and what not. These cost money. A shit load of money I’d guess. Couldn’t that money have been put to better use I wonder.
Sisanda kuthenga izikhali sahloma sazingovolo, enough weaponry to invade Zimbabwe and for what?
Ngomso when I sit above a pile of other people’s crap, as I travel down the dusty pothole ridden “road” to work(incidentally the same road leads to Holy Cross Hospital) and to the Qawuukeni Great Place, the royal seat of North Eastern Mpondoland; as I watch my students eat government sponsored food it will ever so greatly warm my heart to know that my president and his harem live in a lap of luxury in their multi million rand estate.